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Edmonton Construction Hydrotests

Edmonton Construction Hydrotests

A hydrotest is also known as a hydrostatic test and is a way of checking the condition of pressure vessels like gas cylinders and storage tanks. We perform hydrotests to check details like strength, pressure tightness, and possible leakages. The process is excellent ay, ensuring you have a sustainable setup for a safe human operation that deters risks of explosions.

Process of performing a hydrotest

We pass water through pipelines and other vessels to inspect leaks. The water offers an accurate option to understand the pressure metrics of the pipeline. The standard way is to shut down the valve to induce water at the proper pressure. The method allows adequate installation and management of gas compressors across long distances. Some critical factors include the following:

  • Present flaws in the material
  • Problems with the mechanical aspects of the pipe
  • Corrosion elements in the system
  • Presence of hardness on the inner surface due to contact with hydrogen

Reasons to choose our Edmonton construction hydrotests

Pipeline maintenance

The pipeline industry is vulnerable to significant catastrophic consequences. One needs advanced materials and services to control potential pipeline issues. We quickly resolve the hazards of unforeseen complications like drastic temperature changes and false readings. Our team has enough resources to work offsite while maintaining the original integrity.


Hydrotests were the standard for industry regulations to upkeep security and efficiency. We have an aim to meet industry standards by following the documentation of your construction. Therefore, it is easy to meet expert service and expertise with the professional input of the team. The variety of construction hydrotest services make it easy to solve an array of issues. We offer the following conjunctive services to benefit your construction project:

  • Pigging
  • Dewatering
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Commissioning
  • Pressure testing
  • On-site consultation

Variety of resources

We have unique projects to create custom solutions for different environmental settings. The consultation process is essential for laying down necessary project demands and propelling future services.


We ensure the safety of all affected properties and people even before starting the project. An example is that it is crucial to notify you of test dates to prepare the general location for the process. We monitor the entire line and watch out for ruptures, water pools, and other signs of defects.

Signs you need Edmonton construction hydrotests

Hydrotests determine how the leak and crack affect the foundation. It is best to perform the tests before starting a construction project with pipelines and other affected features. Older homes in the process of renovation construction are a particular candidate for hydrostatic tests. Here are other signs you need a hydrotest in a commercial or residential construction project:

  • Damp of discolored floors or carpets
  • High water bills
  • Sudden loss of pressure in the water
  • Cracks in walls, floors, and foundations
  • Changes in the water meter
  • A drastic drop in water levels in the swimming pool

Hydrostatic tests are a planned and controlled process that should pass all Federal laws while delivering optimal results. Are you ready to start the Edmonton construction hydrotest with a qualified firm? Contact 780-991-1934 for more details on our costs and precise testing needs.

Edmonton Construction Hydrotests
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Edmonton Construction Hydrotests
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