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Fort Saskatchewan Ice Rink Flooding

Fort Saskatchewan Ice Rink Flooding

Do you love ice hockey? Maybe you enjoy the practice when you are not engaged in a competitive sport. Most people only get to enjoy the rink once a year because it is not easily accessible. A backyard rink offers hours of enjoyment every week and makes your home the hub of relaxation, just as much as a swimming pool during summer. Here are three reasons you should rally with us for the Fort Saskatchewan ice rink flooding project.

Benefits of creating an ice rink

Physical fitness

Ice skating is the solution to improving your fitness in many different areas. You can develop balance, flexibility, and endurance with regular practice, to give you better build and muscle tone.


The entire community enjoys access to the friendly neighbor’s pool. You will have a  reason to be the winter host for gatherings when the world finally gets a grip on the ongoing pandemic.

How to start an ice rink flooding project


Do not commence an ice rink flooding project without checking the local authorities for permission. Some towns have legal restrictions on where to place the rink. You also need to confirm whether your home insurance firm has a policy of accommodating ice rink constructions. Some firms have restrictions on property damage and coverage conditions for family and non-residential visitors.

Our industry experts are keen on the technical and legal aspects of installing an outdoor ice rink. As a result, we continuously have to explain why we use different installation methods compared to other mythical suggestions.

What to expect from our ice rink flooding process

Match the water volume to the temperature

Most people assume the rink should have a high water volume when the temperature is at the lowest to create a compact surface. The truth is massive water at the lowest temperatures will trap air as the water freezes. Using this unfavorable method will be a porous ice sheet that gets weak fast as the temperatures rise.

Excess amounts of water create something that resembles a frozen puddle with pockets of air. The only way to correct the results of such a DIY project is to scrape away the shell ice so we can rebuild the surface. We use light and consistent water sprays that freeze quickly without air pockets. The proper construction of the ice surface will accomplish the best results for your frozen surface.

Proper sizing

The flood rink size depends on many different factors, such as the available space at the property. You will enjoy a big rink when you have a budget to complete the more significant ice rink-flooding project. However, some people start small and eventually get a bigger one in a year or two. We will use consistent materials and service excellence to sustain the same performance.

The ice rink is perfect for both the Olympic skater or the enthusiastic hobbyist who wants to relieve stress or get fit without a gym's pressure. Contact +17802323317 today for consultation on how best to install an ice rink suitable for your property.


Fort Saskatchewan Ice Rink Flooding
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Fort Saskatchewan Ice Rink Flooding
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